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Cover art by Shola Friedensohn

Rhymes for Adults

Poetry by Annie Finch, Bill Knott, A. E. Stallings, and others belies the common belief that rhyming poetry is fit only for the nursery, without the terrors and glories of adult life.

Rhymes for Adults showcases poems about the constant need for self-reinvention, relationships with a bloody edge, the joys of aging.

Each contributor was free to interpret the theme of this chapbook in their own way. The result is that Rhymes for Adults includes sonnets, villanelles, invented forms, perfect and slant rhyme—all completely inappropriate for a Disney-movie audience.

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Anna Evans reviews Rhymes for Adults in Barefoot Muse, calling the chapbook
"an eclectic mix of formal poems" and ending her commentary as follows:

"However, you won't need gin to make Rhymes for Adults slip down easily. It may be small, but it's a treat!"