Claire Kruesel


Anthocyanins are plant molecules which appear blue, red, or purple, depending on pH, and lend many plants - especially flowers and fruits - their characteristic pigments. They do not contain cyanide.

It wasn't true, I knew, but still
I'd think when standing at the sink
blueberries stained the water red
when I tasted you.

I'd think, when standing at the sink:
white powder could dress bitter, sweet
when I tasted you,
risked all equilibrium.

White powder could dress bitter, sweet.
In Chemistry, acid meets base;
risks all for equilibrium.
The body lived, breathed, thrilled

in chemistry. Acid meets base:
blueberries stain the water. Red,
the body lives: breathe—thrill
it isn't. True, I know but still.

Claire Kruesel, an MFA student in Iowa State University's program in Creative Writing & Environment, fuses biochemistry and art into poetry that meditates on new questions.

Issue 2